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Unique email marketing service for easy newsletters distribution. The add-on enables a real time contact synchronization, automatic diclension of names in Czech, as well as product synchronization. All in modern and intuitive editor with a wide selection of free templates. is a unique easy to use email marketing service with its own inteligence, automation. It offers a lot of easy to edit sample templates, pop-up forms, automatic campaigns, integration, and other great features, which enable you to create personalized email with dynamic content quickly and easily. Suitable for all e-shops.

What Does the Add-on Do?

Automatic connection to verified service for newsletters distribution
Initial contact synchronization to the database
Automatic diclension of synchronized contacts for personalized content creation
Regular and real time contact synchronization to the database
Automatic emails after predetermined time
Product synchronization – no need to retype while creating campaign. Just select a product and text, its picture and price will be insterted.

Basic Features of

1.Easy content creation
2.Personalization and nameday wishes
3.Automatic campaigns
4.Performance tracking

Why To Choose

It is verified Czech tool for newsletters distribution, which has been on the market for more than 9 years. It is very intuitive and adjusted especially to the needs of Czech e-shops and companies. With this tool, you can quickly ane easly create content to your liking. You can use advanced features and track what happens after your capaign is sent. It is suitable for absolute beginners and you can also contact our online support, willing to help you with anything.

Whom is the add-on intended for?

This solution is intended for the e-shops off all sizes, suitable also for starting ones. Email marketing makes it easy and inexpensive to reach your customers. offers regular newletters distribution in modern environment, and helps you to reach desired outcomes from email marketing quickly and easily.

How to activate the add on?