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Calculate how much will get you monthly. Just choose account type and the number of subscribers or credits.
1,0005,00010,00050,000100,001 and more
up to 5,000 contacts
annual subscription
(save 74.40 EUR per year)

 24.80 EUR without VAT / per month (30.01 EUR including VAT)

(save 74.40 EUR per year)

Account comparing

Do not know what account type is best for you? Take a quick look below. And do not worry, you can change your account type in the future.


Do not limit yourself by the number of sent emails! Pay only for the number of contacts and send up to 1,000,000 emails per month
Unlimited number of email campaigns
up to 1 million emails per month
Contacts restricted by subscription
can be increased any time
Payment at the end of the period
always up to the next month
No annual obligation
notice period of only 1 month
No fee for account setup
no additional charges

Credit account

1 credit = 1 successfully sent email.
Only with us you pay for what you really do!

Emails limited by credits
(1 credit = 1 email)
No limit for the number of contact
unlimited directory
prepaid credits
No obligation
without notice
No fee for account setup
no additional charges

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Srovnání účtů

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Services included

Regardless of which type of account you choose, with you get a system full of features and benefits.
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Account Suspension

Do you have a Subscription account and not going to send any campaign next month? Suspend your accont and let the system collect the data from your last campaigns even during vacation! During suspension you are not sending any campaigns and not paying Subscription or Credits, while the system is still on. Do not be afraid to take a break....


Account Suspension

If you use a monthly Subscription account and you know that you will not be sending anything for example next month, you can apply for ACCOUNT SUSPENSION - in which case you will not be able to send emails for the given period. You will be able to access all data and features for 149,-CZK for each suspended month - in suspended month you are not charged any more payment. Suspend your account for at least 1 full month. This can not be done backward even in the current period.

Microsoft CRM tariffs, eWay-CRM tariffs, Salesforce CRM tariffs have special terms. The detailed terms of each account type are governed by rules set out in Terms of Services. Prices may vary and follow a valid price list

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