Affiliate Program

Are you running an agency or web studio? Do you have a website or business contacts with a potential? Use our Affiliate program and make money!
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What do I get?

20% commission on turnover for bringing a customer
unlimited commision payments
support in the form of banners and clear online account management
payout starting from 1.000 CZK + the remaining commissions at the end of the year
storing cookies for 90 days (when clicking on banner)
partner benefits based on turnover, possibility of individual cooperation
How affiliate marketing works

Terms and Rules

Your Commission

Earn 20% of each successfull payment from clients brought in by you. Commissions will always be credited from the actual price of the subscription or the amount of the recharged credits (from the amount excluding VAT). Commissions does not apply to other types of services.

To be fair, we keep cookies on the arrival of the visitor over your link for 90 days. So there is no need to register right at the first visit.


We have over 300 partners and we have paid them more than 2.500.000 CZK. Join them!

Bring at least one customer each month who spends at least 1.500 CZK/month, who will use the service and after the year you can gain 3.600 CZK/month as minimum.

Who is the Affiliate program suitable for?

Affiliate program is suitable for a wide range of partners, companies and individuals. Affiliate program is mainly used by:

Marketers, web and IT service sellers, on-line consultants
Developers of IT, CRM and other systems
Operators of websites, portals and forums
Web studios, coders, graphic designers and webmasters