Add-on for Dynamics 365

Unique solution from kWare, extending standard marketing functionality in the enviroment of Dynamics 365 for Sales.
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Basic Functionalities
of Email Marketing Solution

Creation, implementation and evaluation of email marketing directly from the Dynamics 365's environment
Quick HTML email design, including templates and placeholders
Reliable email distribution via platform and possibility of its timing
Evaluation of sent emails down to a level of single customers-monitoring: Delivery and Reasons of non-delivery, Open emails, Click-through tracking, Unsubscribing of customers

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 represents a complex solution for managing customer relations, and provides all tools and functions, essential to build and maintain proper customers overview. From initial contact while addressing the market, through sales, to customer care.

Microsoft, the manufacturer of this solution, creates seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as Office 365, Azure, and so on.

kWare provides its solutions, using the Dynamics 365 platform, to companies with turnovers of several hundreds of millions of Czech Crowns, as well as to smaller companies, with just a few users.

Key Features

1.Full customers overview
2.Favorable user acceptance
3.Activities planning and keeping in touch with customers
4.Simplifying of business processes
5.Success measurement of business processes
6.Access to customers information from anywhere

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