eWay-CRM add-on

A CRM system for Microsoft Outlook. eWay-CRM is here to help companies around the world be truly effective. We’ve been professionally fulfilling this mission for more than 13 years.

Everything in One Place?

With eWay-CRM in Outlook, the answer is yes!

eWay-CRM looks exactly like Outlook and it is fully embedded into it. Thanks to that, you don’t need to learn how to work with a new software. You can now find all the documents, communication history and other information right in your mail client.

Marketing Module
in eWay-CRM

Our Marketing module allows you to create personified e-mails easily. Thanks to the integration with emailkampane.cz, you can prepare a professional bulk e-mail! What’s more, you can also collect feedback very easily. And more!

Be a Leader!

Automize your business processes and let eWay-CRM do the work. Save your time for really important things which can’t get by without you. eWay-CRM works on cell-phones, too!

eWay-CRM Features & Modules

The Contacts module is designed for keeping records of all your business contacts in eWay-CRM and for helping you manage them.
Companies are here for tracking subscribers, suppliers, partners or competitors.
Inquiries can be found within Deals. Link them with e-mails and add documents to them.
Link quotations, contracts, notes etc. to Projects just as easily. Define your workflow and track the project life cycle.
Uncover the whole potential of Outlook with more modules and features, such as Tasks, Reports, Calendar, Journals and Documents.
eWay-CRM video

How much does mailing cost in eWay-CRM?

Calculate how much Emailcampaigns.eu will cost you. Just choose your desired credit package.
30,000 credits

 240.00 EUR without VAT  (290.40 EUR including VAT)



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